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10 things You shouldn’t do in college

Sergio Garcia | Social Media Editor


1. Skip class

Skipping class affects your overall academic performance. Also, remember that you are paying for your classes, so skipping class will also result in a waste of money. Attend every class and always give your best.

2. Ignore your syllabus
Professors commonly review the syllabus on the first day of class; however, many students ignore it after that day. Ignoring it might have a negative outcome. The syllabus outlines assignments, tests, quizzes and other important course days. Checking the syllabus regularly will help you stay on track with your academic duties.

3. Cheat
Besides being totally dishonest, cheating can get you in serious trouble. From getting a zero in your test for copying a pal sitting next to you to being expelled from the university, cheating brings nothing but trouble.

4. Procrastinate
Procrastinating is common among college students. Procrastination can stem from perfectionist tendencies, feeling overwhelmed by an assignment or by wanting to be lazy that day. However, you should try to avoid putting off course work.

5. Party too much
It doesn’t matter if your school is small or large, there’s always a party at one point or another. College is supposed to help you grow academically and socially; however, keep a balance because partying too much can negatively affect your grades.

6. Drink underage
As noted before, parties are part of college, so it’s probable that alcohol might be present as well. The national drinking age is 21, so don’t drink if you are not of legal age. Most important, don’t drive while intoxicated because you might harm others or yourself.

7. Pull all-nighters
Staying up all night can affect your sleeping schedule, so always prepare beforehand. It might seem like a good idea to study all night before that big test, but doing so might result in you falling asleep during the test.

8. Stay quiet when you have questions
If you have a question, ask it. Don’t just sit there wondering what the answer to your inquiry might be.

9. Use drugs
Avoid the use of drugs. Abusing controlled substances can lead to overdose, hospitalization, incarceration and in extreme cases, death. Do not self-medicate. Always consult a doctor before using any kind of medication.

10. Plagiarize
The web is full of essays, reviews, summaries and awesome content that might be helpful for your assignments. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that using content that you don’t own falls under copyright infringement.

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