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10 things to know about college

Sergio Garcia

GabrielMata/The Rider
GabrielMata/The Rider

1. Road maps are just recommendations
You don’t have to follow the class layout given to you at orientation. Most incoming freshmen feel obligated to follow the schedule. However, later they realize that they can customize their schedules based on their personal needs.

2. Communicate with your adviser
It’s important to meet with an academic adviser. Advisers provide you with the guidance you need to understand your degree plan. They can help you change your major and understand the guidelines you need to follow in college.

3. Changing majors is OK
Some college students change their major at one point or another. College is a great place to explore what you like, and changing majors is part of this experience. Remember, you are not only choosing a major, you are also choosing your career.

4. Make friends
Making friends can be a step to success. It is beneficial to make new friends. For instance, friends can help you organize study groups, overcome the fear of being far away from home, support you emotionally when in distress and help you enjoy your stay in college.

5. Keep track of your grades
Knowing where you stand academically is crucial to pass your classes. Most professors don’t offer many grade updates during the semester, so it’s your responsibility to ask for reports if available. Also, make sure to give your all in every assignment; everything counts toward your final grade.

6. Know your professor
Meeting with your professor can help you achieve better grades. Professors will gladly help if you have any issues with grades, assignments or any questions regarding the class. Make sure that you stop by their office.

7. Help is there if you need it
UTRGV offers multiple services to help students with their assignments such as a math lab, science lab, communication research lab and a writing center. These services can help you master your classes.

8. Do not skip class
You will be treated as an adult in college, so manyprofessors are not going to bother to keep track of attendance. You are expected to attend each class; however, you might feel tempted to skip for one reason or another. Skipping will only affect you negatively and this will reflect in your grades. Every class is a step to building a successful future.

9. Get used to reading
You will spend a lot of time reading and it is essential that you get used to it. It’s necessary in every class. Making it a habit will help you not only in college, but also for the rest of your life.

10. Take advantage of the recreation center
You’re paying for it, so you might as well use it. Whether you want to be fit or get rid of some stress, the recreation center is there for you. It is open for most of the day to accommodate even the busiest schedule. It is a service available to you and designed to positively impact your well-being.

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