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5 Popular New Year’s resolutions

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  1. Get in shape.

Probably the most popular resolution in the list, losing weight is always a priority for many. Yes, going to the gym is key; however, you can start living a healthier life by eating better and staying hydrated. Remember that everyone is different, so don’t get discouraged if the process is slow. Keep going, seek help if you need advice and stay positive.

  1. Stop procrastinating.

Is college possible without a little procrastination? Probably, but there’s no doubt that it is hard to accomplish. Regardless of the excuse, most procrastinate at one point or another in school or work.  You might have your own ways to fight procrastination, or maybe you don’t because you are procrastinating about it. In any case, here are some quick tips: Make “to do” lists, plan ahead, seek good quality, not perfection, create reminders or set alarms in your phone, which could help you stop procrastinating when you are using it to procrastinate. Assess consequences and focus on success.

  1. Make friends.

College is fast paced for the most part, so making new friends might prove difficult at times. The best way to approach this issue is to participate in extracurricular activities, join a club or participate in study groups. If you have a job, try to enjoy it by socializing with your co-workers, for you might be spending a great deal of time with them anyway.

  1. Dress better.

Is  “swag” still a thing? It probably diminished in use because it was too “groovy.” Dressing certain ways might have certain purposes. For instance, dressing in a formal manner to acquire a job or a promotion, wearing mandatory uniforms at your workplace, or just trying to catch the eye of that special person. Nonetheless, remember that college, among other things, gives you the opportunity to form your own opinions, expand your mind and explore diversity, so don’t worry too much about what you wear unless you have to. Wear whatever you like as long as you don’t break school policies; you don’t want to get in trouble, either.

  1. Money.

Saving more, earning more or spending more is always the million-dollar question. Many minimum wage jobs don’t offer a pay rate increase unless you receive a promotion, which might prove hard to do while trying to balance your social and academic life. While saving is a great alternative, it’s not always possible. Regardless of how we would like to utilize some extra cash, we often find ourselves wanting to do or acquire something. Yes, not everyone is in need of or wants more money, but if you find yourself in that situation always remember that you are getting an education, which will open many doors at one point or another, so aim high, dream big and succeed.

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