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An early ‘Christmas miracle’ RGV experiences snow for the first time in 13 years

UTRGV marketing freshman Jorge Alanis builds a snowman before his college algebra tutoring session earlier today on the Brownsville campus. Alanis was 5 years old when he first saw snow in 2004 in Brownsville. VICTOR RAMIREZ/THE RIDER

UTRGV marketing freshman Jorge Escobar was 5 years old the first time he saw snow. Now at 18, Escobar was able to stop and build a snowman before his college algebra tutoring session.

“It puts a big smile on my face,” Escobar said. “It makes me really happy. There’s times where you, like, feel pretty stressed and stuff. … This really just brings joy to my face.”

The National Weather Service in Brownsville reports a wintry mix is expected to continue across deep South Texas through the morning before activity and clouds gradually thin during the mid to late afternoon and into the evening.

UTRGV’s official Twitter account posted a video in the early morning as snow hit the Edinburg campus for the first time since 2004.

Other UTRGV departments, such as University Police, did not miss the opportunity to build a snowman and share its joy on Twitter.

Some students at UTRGV, such as criminal justice junior Britzhel Chapa, described the snow today as a “Christmas miracle.”

“It’s really awesome that we actually get to take pictures of it because I remember it a little but I don’t have proof that it happened here,” Chapa said. “So, now it’s pretty awesome to see it happening.”

Chapa said she plans to go home, watch a movie and drink hot chocolate to enjoy today’s weather.

UTRGV student Ling Huang stands next to a snowman on the UTRGV Edinburg campus. ALAIN LESTARPE/THE RIDER

The last time it snowed in the Rio Grande Valley was in Christmas Day 2004. After nearly 13 years, some Valley residents are able to experience the same feeling for a second time.

Juan Alanis, a criminal justice junior, said he thinks it’s great he gets to see campus community members enjoying the snow at UTRGV.

“I like to see all the kids out here, all the students, teachers, staff, bosses, all enjoying the snow,” Alanis said. “We needed this for UTRGV. … It’s pretty cool to have this here.”

Although the National Weather Service in Brownsville reports the snow will taper off by the afternoon, the 2017 snowfall will live in the minds of those who were able to witness it for first and second time in South Texas.

  • UTRGV campus community members built snowmen across the Lozano-Banco Bridge that connects the Student Union and Main Building in Brownsville earlier this morning. VICTOR RAMIREZ/THE RIDER

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