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As long as we find excuses …

BY Monika Garza | THE RIDER


Have you ever wondered what differentiates successful people from the rest? The answer is that successful people do not use excuses. Instead, they take action.

Let’s face it, we tend to find excuses to not do our work, homework or accomplish our long-term goals. We are professionals at it. We justify every action that we do to our own convenience.

Humans have the ability to justify every action that happens to us with a supposedly valid reason. The truth is that we can always find a reason for not doing what we are supposed to do. However, we need to stop making excuses and begin to work on what we want to accomplish.

We often lie to ourselves when we say that we are not good enough to accomplish a task.

To eliminate excuses from our lives we must first eliminate all fears. Fear is related to lack of self-which keeps us in our comfort zone.

Then we must take responsibility for our actions. It is easy to blame the people around us for the unfortunate events that happen to us. The things that happen to our lives are not anyone’s fault but ours.

We also need to learn how to focus on what really matters. As college students, it is easy for us to procrastinate. In fact, procrastinating is what most of us do, including myself. However, we need to learn how to identify and do the most important things first. Then, if we have some spare time, we can do other things that are less important.

Learning from our own mistakes is an essential part of our lives. As humans, we do not like to fail and sometimes this is why we make excuses. However, we learn by making mistakes. We are not perfect and it is normal when things go wrong and we fail.

When we are feeling tired or depressed, it can seem like our goals are far away from us and that we might never attain them. The truth is that goals are reserved for people who choose to believe and act on them.

We need to start believing in ourselves and in what we can accomplish.

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