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Athlete of the Week 10/5


Name: Alisha Watson

Classification: Junior

Major: Biomedical sciences

Sport: Volleyball

Hometown: Round Rock

Who is your favorite athlete?

“Ray Lewis.” Lewis is a former American football player.

Who is your role model?

“My mom, because she takes advantage of all her opportunities and I hope I do the same to make the best possible life I can for myself.”

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given and by whom?

“By my aunt, actually. She told me you can have this vision in your mind where you want to end up, and the best thing about life is that it doesn’t give a s— about your plans. You’re going to get somewhere eventually. Just enjoy the journey because you’re going to expect to go one way and it’s going to take you another way. You might end up there and it may not be what you expect, but you kinda just have to keep pushing and keep going, whatever path life takes you on.”

What do you like to do for fun?

“To be honest, I like to sing for fun.”

When did you begin playing volleyball and why did you start playing?

“I started playing when I was in seventh grade…. A lot of my friends and older sisters played and it looked like fun.”

Did you play in high school and did you get any awards?

“I played in high school and I got honorable mention and second teams. All three years I got academic achievements as well. Also, I played on my national team and we won the Junior Olympics for a club.”

What are your goals for the season?

“My goal for our team is to win the conference tournament.”

What is your favorite movie?

“‘A Bug’s Life,’ hands down.”

Is there a song that gets your head in the game?

“Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against The Wall) by Mystikal.”

What are your plans for the Fall 2015 semester?

“My plans are to get a 4.0 and just for my team to get to the tournament and keep playing hard. Just to get this group of girls pretty close and get somewhere from last year.”

How do you feel about being part of the first UTRGV Women’s Volleyball Team?

“Oh my gosh, it’s probably one of the best opportunities I’ve ever had. It’s so great to be able to be a part of building a legacy of a new school. People don’t really get the opportunity to be able to set the standard and put my blood and sweat on the floor, you know, just for something everyone else to live up to. It’s pretty awesome.”

Compiled by Jacqueline Arias

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