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Lesley Robles/The Rider
Lesley Robles/The Rider

Name: Sarah Bonney

Sport: Soccer

Position: Forward

Classification: Freshman

Major: Business

Age: 21

Hometown: Winneba, Ghana

Who is your favorite athlete? “My favorite athlete is [Leonel] Messi.”

Who is your role model? “Marta [Vieira da Silva] because I want to play like her and reach the level she’s gotten to in fútbol.”

When did you begin playing soccer, and why? “I was very little. My parents wouldn’t encourage me because I was the only girl, but as I grew, I became adamant. Sometimes I would run away from home and I would go to the soccer complex to hide and practice on my own. So, I was just little, but when I was 3 they didn’t allow me to play, but when I got of age, and I realized what was good from bad, I made a decision myself. I would say, like, 10 years of playing active soccer.”

What’s your favorite place to hang out on campus? “I don’t know many places, but I guess the [soccer] field. I don’t really have a special place that I go.”

What are your academic goals? “I hope to get a higher GPA.”

How do you feel about being part of this team? “I’m very happy. I’m glad because being in this country puts me one step ahead in my life. So being in this particular team, too, is also a big step for me because the fútbol I used to play in my country is lower than the level compared to here, so it’s like, I’ve moved ahead in life. So, I’m very happy taking that step.”

What are your personal goals for this season? “Score more goals for my team and make the team go forward in the conference.”

–Compiled by Sarah Carvajal

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