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‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom’ to the polls Student organization hosts dance party

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The Texas Freedom Network at UTRGV will host its second annual Selena Dance Party from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday in Brownsville and McAllen to celebrate National Voter Registration Day and to encourage the community to register to vote.

TFN is a nonpartisan political organization that advocates three pillars of liberties: civil liberties, education and religious freedom. The group has previously hosted other events such as the Equality Ball last semester on the Edinburg campus.

Mimosa Thomas, TFN’s campus organizer, helped organize last year’s dance party. Numerous people attended, registered as voters and left with registration cards–which TFN uses to remind people to vote on Election Day.

However, with the implementation of new voter ID laws, Texas now requires residents to present a government form of identification in order to vote. More than half a million registered voters do not have the ID required by Texas, according to an article on CNN. Last Wednesday, an appeals court ruled that a good portion of the Texas voter ID laws violates the Civil Rights Act that protects Hispanics and African Americans from discrimination.

“There have been a lot of restrictive policies that have limited voting rights in Texas recently, specifically the voter ID laws,” Thomas said. “And so one way that we try to combat that is just trying to get as many people to the polls as possible. … We don’t care which way you vote, we just want to get you to the polls [and] get you to engage.”

The Selena Dance Party will take place at Studio 69, located at W. 1260 Price Rd., in Brownsville. It will feature Alysha B Cavalli and host Beatrix Lestrange. Admission is free for those 18 and older. In McAllen, the dance party will feature Leah Morgan at Yerberia Cultura, located at 613 S. 17th St. Admission is $5 for those between 18 and 20 years old. The event will include door prizes, a Selena look-alike contest and Selena’s top hits.

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