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Bright future?

The future looks scary. Frankly, I’m afraid of what my future children are going to be going through. Right now, we live in a world where stand-alone cameras are going obsolete because everywhere you look, someone has a cell phone in their hand. I’m not saying cell phones are a bad thing because, well, I have one and use it around the clock. But, since cell phones are only getting bigger and will soon replace desktop computers, it makes me wonder how generations to come are going to document things.

Before cell phones, people would carry around their 5-pound camera to all of their children’s events. You go to an event now and everyone either has a cell phone or an iPad ready to take photos. The world is right at your fingertips and we’re only in 2015.

While, yes, this is good thing, it is also may be a bad thing because we’re so involved in our cell phones that we don’t stop to look at everything else and actually enjoy the things around us. Our technology is so advanced right now, we can only imagine what we will have 10 years from now.

When I was a kid, my dad would pull out his clunky Canon camera and start taking photos of me no matter what I did. While it was a hassle to carry that big camera, you would, no matter what, because you wanted to have memories of your child. Now, you can carry a phone that weighs ounces, at the most, and be ready to take pictures of whatever you feel like.

Which leads us to the future: I can only imagine how technology will change in a few years. The new iPhone 6s, which was released last month, has a feature called Live Photo, which captures the moments just before and after your picture, according to Apple.com. Live Photo will make standard photos a thing of the past. Only time will tell, but who knows what future generations to come will have.

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