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Campus Q & A What are your thoughts about UTRGV’s first year?

Sarah Cortez Biology junior
Sarah Cortez
Biology junior


“Well, it was definitely a great experience. I was transferred out of TSTC. I really like how everything is sorted out here at UTRGV with the resources and the way it’s organized with academic organizations, it’s perfectly comfortable for us students to finally have the resources to be able to study and actually just think about the future.”






Francisco Llamas Physics sophomore
Francisco Llamas
Physics sophomore

“OK, so, I couldn’t see any big progress, but what I can say is maybe a little more of organization in the classes and professors, because I had some trouble last semester and this semester finding out what classes to take, because of the professors. I didn’t know what professors I was going to have for the classes, so I had a little bit of trouble in choosing which classes to find out a schedule that fits my profile, and limitations on my classes. I had a lot of trouble with limitations in my classes, so maybe a little more organization, but I didn’t find any trouble with the connection with Edinburg. It is good so far. I won’t say it’s bad, because it’s not bad and it’s hard to progress in so little time, so I’ll give them more time, but so far so good.”






Leandro E. Salinas Chemistry junior
Leandro E. Salinas
Chemistry junior

“I think it’s been good and the transition has been well. A lot of the changes has been good. I like that the campus has gotten a lot bigger–there is more people.”








Gloria Thomas Chemistry and anthropology senior
Gloria Thomas
Chemistry and anthropology senior


“The first year of UTRGV was the same as UTPA was for me, but there was a lot of difficulty transitioning with classes and getting used to the name change.”






–Compiled by Michelle Espinoza and Lesley Robles

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