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Campus Q & A What are you thankful for?

Rudy Gallardo Nursing freshman
Rudy Gallardo
Nursing freshman



“I’m thankful for the beautiful campus we have. I’m thankful for the financial aid that I’m getting this semester and I’m thankful for my parents.”









Stephanye Espinoza Nursing junior
Stephanye Espinoza Nursing junior





“I am thankful for my health, my family, my daughter and for being alive. I’m just thankful for everything that I have in my life right now.”









Eloy Morales Biology pre-dental freshman
Eloy Morales
Biology pre-dental freshman




“I’m thankful for my parents because they could afford to put me in college, and for all these things that they do for me, and all the opportunities that they give me.”









Frida Flores Psychology freshman
Frida Flores
Psychology freshman



“I’m thankful for having every resource possible to get an education. Recently, I’ve been doing community service for students in need and I’ve learned a lot about what others don’t have.”








–Compiled by Michelle Espinoza and Lesley Robles

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