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“Something I would like the school to add would be more creative writing classes.”









“I would like to see archery. I think that would be super cool, and people would be so interested in that. I’m not an athlete, but I would be interested in having a class like that.”









“I would like more environmental studies classes. I know there’s at least one already, but I think that raising awareness of the environment and preserving it is something that we should consider a lot since our campus, for me in my opinion, is very beautiful. It has a lot of nature and it has that potential for us to study and grow an amazing environment.”







“I would like UTRGV to offer more courses that have to do with live broadcast in journalism, but at the Brownsville campus because, well, a lot of people are passionate about that and having to go back and forth is a hassle for most and if they did that here, I’m sure they would get a great amount of response from the students, including me.”

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