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CAMPUS Q&A What are your thoughts on new potential Athletics and Transportation fees?

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“For transportation fees, I don’t think that it should be something that students should be worried about, you know, if they are going to be able to go to class or not, because some of them are already paying rent for apartments, to be at school near school, for our supplies, paying for class or tuitions. It’s already so much I don’t think transportation shouldn’t be an issue to be worried about.”

Christine Aguilar

Education sophomore


“I don’t know. I think we already pay a lot, so any other fees for Transportation or Athletics, for one, I don’t even use any type of transportation means here with the school, so I wouldn’t be too pleased if I have to pay an extra fee for a service that I’m not going to use. And, as far as the athletics goes, yeah, I want the school to receive the best programs they can for the students, but again, all at a cost that must [come out] of our pockets are pretty stretched. … I don’t think the average student can afford any more fees. … If this happens or that does happen, I’m not looking forward to that. I guess we’ll see.”

Christian Alvarez

History senior


“I agree. I think Athletics is important. It, y’know, shows school spirit. Transportation, I think it’s important because a lot of classes that are not here, y’know, a lot of people have to take the shuttle. So, I think education is also important.”

Carolina Rodriguez

Biology sophomore



“I think they would be good, so that we can get more sports equipment. … So, that if they get injured–also medical supplies for athletes that will get injured in the future, so that maybe they’ll be more prepared.”

Alex Romero

Kinesiology senior


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