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“Well, my favorite food is pizza, so I would like a Pizza Hut. Maybe a Chick-fil-A. Maybe also something healthy for students who

like healthy eating/living. I don’t know, just a variety of different opportunities, different stuff for students.”

Andrew Rangel

Special education junior








“It would be nice to have a Whataburger here at UTRGV because it’s delicious food.”

Melissa Flores

Biomedical sciences freshman








“Many different types of fruits and vegetables, kind of like a buffet style. I think that would be awesome because it would benefita lot of people that want to be healthy by providing them many different healthy food options. I think that would be so cool and Iwould eat there a lot because I am always looking for places like that.”Clemecia “Mecia” Duru

Clemecia “Mecia” Duru

Mass communication sophomore








“Food choices I would like UTRGV to offer would be grilled chicken, broccoli, carrots. Healthy food choices, not like Chick-fil-A

all the time, and those healthy drinks, like a smoothie bar.”

Saul P. Tamez

Biomedical sciences sophomore

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