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Cristina Rivas Undeclared freshman
Cristina Rivas
Undeclared freshman



“I just get around campus on my bike. Maybe some improvements that I would like is a certain area on the sidewalk that would be specifically for bikes so we wouldn’t crash into people or something.”






Erick Palacios Biomedical sciences sophomore
Erick Palacios
Biomedical sciences sophomore




“I call it a two-wheel balance [board] because that’s how I found it online. I wouldn’t recommend riding it during the rain or in the [Vaquero] trail because it’s kind of rocky, so people will freak out when I’m on it.”






John Corona Nursing senior
John Corona
Nursing senior




“Well, you see, I normally get around walking. Sometimes if I’m late, I run. [Improvements], not so much construction going around. Being able to, I guess, walk on the sidewalks.”







Samantha Villanueva Nursing junior
Samantha Villanueva
Nursing junior



“I use a bike to get around campus.I would think a separate bike trail would be good. I don’t take the [Vaquero] trail. I have to go all around campus to avoid the crowdof people coming out of class and that’s difficult when the classes are far away. Getting a separate bike lane would be good.”

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