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Campus Q&A Do you still have concerns regarding the transition?

William Tovar Electrical engineering freshman

“Is there going to be any better method of transportation? Because, I have trouble getting from one class from Brownsville to Edinburg and it takes about six hours to get from here to Edinburg and then over there, over here. ”

Josue Garcia Criminal justice junior

“Well, my concern is what is going to happen to the parking lots as the student population is growing. We will need more space for parking lots and bicycle racks.”

Dora Garza Management junior

“I do have concerns regarding the transition of the new school. I believe that we have been having too many problems with the change in the classes and with financial aid. I do think that we still have a long way to go before we embrace the total change of the school.”

Arlynn Sanchez Communication sciences and disorders freshman

“Yes, I do. I haven’t gotten my refund yet from [the Financial Aid Office] and I have to buy books for my two classes, for my psychology class and my university class and I’m still pending on that. So, I hope I get it soon, you know. I’ve been calling and everything. I’ve been going to the [the Financial Aid] department. I’ve been calling them and I still haven’t gotten a word from them. So, I’m hoping it comes soon in the mail or they fix the problem. ”


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