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Coach of the Week

Jesus Esparza/The Rider
Jesus Esparza/The Rider

Name: Manny Mantrana
Sport: Baseball
Title: Head Coach

What is your favorite part about coaching?
“My favorite part about coaching will have to be the teaching. The practice time, I like the games, I like competing, but more than that I like teaching the game to our players.”

What was your biggest adjustment going from athlete to coach?
“The biggest adjustment going from an athlete to a coach is, basically, you just worry about your own job. As a middle infielder, I would just worry about the shortstop position or if I played second base, just that. But as a coach, you have to worry about all nine positions. So, athleticwise, worry about, basically, your position making sure that you do your job, and as a coach, you have to make sure all nine players are doing their job.”

What is your favorite thing about life in the Valley?
“My favorite thing in the Valley, it’s got to be the cost of living, the barbecue and, obviously, the climate.”

What is your favorite place close to campus?
“That would probably be the baseball field. Because I love the game of baseball.”

Where would you go on your dream vacation?
“You know what, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to do that. We’ve been to Hawaii and we’ve been to Alaska. So, those two places are probably already done on the bucket list. Someplace we have not gone would probably be Europe.”

What is the best advice you have received?
“That’s an easy one, and that’s by my mother, to make sure to always keep the Lord first.”

Who is your favorite artist?
“My favorite artist, I’m going to tell you, old school right there. My favorite single artist will probably be Barry White and my favorite band is Earth Wind and Fire.”

–Compiled by Jesus Esparza

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