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Coach of the Week: Brett Bernstein


Name: Brett Bernstein
Sport: Tennis
Title: Head coach

What’s your favorite part about coaching?
“Well, you get to be outside all day and you get to work with young men, shaping character. Being an alumni I feel relatable in that sense and kinda preparing these guys for a life outside of college, as well, on and off the court.”

What was your biggest adjustment going from athlete to coach?

“Well, can’t be these guys friends all the time, you kinda gotta play the bad guy role from time to time, which is not always easy to do, especially when you are relatable to these guys, but you have to step up and fill the role the guys need from time to time.”

What’s your favorite thing about life in the Valley?
“Life is easy in the Valley, we got Moonbeans coffee, Luciano’s, H-E-B and Whataburger. You can’t beat that. I’m usually in the office or on court or getting something to eat.”

What’s your favorite place close to campus?
“Probably Luciano’s, but I’ve been trying some other stuff. Chopstix is pretty good. There’s this place called Snowbite that’s right by [University] Drafthouse. I’m expanding my horizons.”

Where would you go on your dream vacation?
“Actually, this past summer I did, France. I thought France was really cool. Paris, I like the people there.Lifestyle is easy. I’d probably want to go back to France.”

What is the best advice you have received?
“Probably from my dad, who was a college player. Probably the biggest thing he told us, ‘Play fearless.’ I think me and my brother really took that to heart when we played here and we played against a lot of the bigger schools and we did well against them. Really weren’t intimidated by what they brought to the table.”

Who is your favorite artist?
“All-time favorite is Third Eye Blind. As for artist, probably Bruce Springsteen. I grew up listening with my dad, so it just rubbed off on me.”

–Compiled By Nathaniel Mata

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