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Letter to the Editor Sanders supporters, consider Trump for president

Following last week’s primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island, Hillary Clinton now leads Bernie Sanders in delegate and superdelegate counts, which isn’t fair because Sanders is winning the popular vote and Clinton is not. The whole system is just corrupt; the whole Democratic election has been stacked against Sanders since he started his campaign. It’s not fair nor has it ever been fair.

Clinton herself has taken massive campaign contributions from big banks such as Goldman Sachs and been paid speech money from Wall Street, which she still refuses to disclose to the public until the other party releases “theirs,” which they will never do because there is no paid speech money from the remaining Republican candidates and as long as she keeps saying that, she can cover herself for the remainder of the presidential race.

As of last Wednesday, Sanders has started laying off campaign staff. It’s a harsh reality but with how the Democratic system is, he will not win and it’s sad because our democracy is supposed to be the “will of the people” and the delegate system has proven itself to be corrupt and dishonest. You can, in all honesty, buy these delegates, which, who knows, maybe Clinton did bribe her delegates with all of the massive campaign contributions she’s received.

As a moderate Republican who is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, I ask that you consider voting for Trump for president. Think about it, we don’t want Clinton to win and both Trump’s and Sanders’ campaigns are based on a populist platform, meaning for the people and neither campaign is being funded by big corporations or wealthy donors. I understand that the rhetoric has been bad on the Republican side, but I ask you to look past that and to remember we’re Americans before we’re Republicans or Democrats. I believe the reason that Trump says what most people consider outrageous ideals is just his way of obtaining media attention.

Anytime he says something controversial or completely out of the ordinary, the news media will be covering it for days or maybe even weeks.

Look, he’s a successful businessman. Throughout his life, his positions have remained constant, such as trade, jobs and manufacturing and our national debt. Most political pundits and commentators try to show him as this person who hates women, when in fact he doesn’t; the highest executives in the Trump organization are women and his daughter Ivanka Trump helps run most of his businesses. He has many buildings and vacation resorts across the country and some of the greatest assets overseas. He’s friends with many of the world’s greatest businessmen, such as Carl Icahn and Kevin O’Leary. I firmly believe that Trump knows what he’s doing when it comes to bringing jobs and manufacturing back from overseas and renegotiating our trade deals where we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year, money that could be going to helping families in need, our crippling infrastructure or to our schools that are falling apart.

The biggest problem we have in our country is not that our leaders are dumb or don’t know what they’re doing, it’s just that they’re controlled by their donors,special interests and lobbyists. Trump is the man for the job, self-funding his own campaign. He will not be controlled by any wealthy donors or interest groups and he is doing this for us, the people, because that’s what matters most. He’s been endorsed by some of the most successful businessmen, leaders and politicians that our country has.

His children are well-disciplined and successful themselves; he has a beautiful and smart wife, who I think would make a great first lady.

All I ask is that if you’re currently supporting Sanders or thinking about supporting him, take a look at Trump because Sanders, as much as you love him and support him, might not make it because of how corrupt and dishonest the delegate system is. He’s a great man and I have an enormous amount of respect for him for powering his campaign through small contributions from the people. Who you vote for, the choice is yours.

Zach Saenz
Economics freshman

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