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Letters to the Editor Retirees thank student

I would like to take this means to thank a student for the assistance she provided to a group of university retirees during the program they held in conjunction with FESTIBA on March 1. Members of PARA, the university’s retirees organization, put on a program of creative activities that members engage in during their retirement, including poetry readings, jewelry making, and writing and publishing books of a historical nature.

This FESTIBA event was held in the Visual Arts Building on South Closner in Edinburg, a very nice and well-equipped facility. Some of the members wanted to use the computer and projector system in the room so that they could illustrate their presentations with images projected on the screen. Unfortunately, we had some difficulty getting the system to operate properly for us. In stepped student Kassandra Castillo who had come to observe our program. We were lucky that Castillo was there because she knew what to do and she graciously helped out and made it possible for us to proceed with our presentations.

So, thank you, Castillo; we are very glad you came to our program and we appreciate the assistance you gave us. All the best to you in whatever you do.

Frederick (Ted) von Ende, Ph.D.
UTPA/UTRGV Professor Emeritus
Editor, PARAgraph (PARA’s newsletter)

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