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LNG article lacks opposing views

I was dismayed to read your article on the LNG panel discussion in the Oct. 19 edition of The Rider, which failed to emphasize the true nature of the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce “Public Affairs Luncheon” held Oct. 13. Its headline insinuated the representatives of three LNG companies, who are beholden to no one but their shareholders, honestly answered questions regarding the environmental and economic impacts of their proposed projects.

No mention was made of the fact that this luncheon was not open to the public, nor that the cost to attend (unless you were a student of the moderator) varied from $40 for chamber members to $500 for “Urban Leaders.” Besides quoting the moderator of the event on Page 4,no indication was made that public opposition to LNG companies coming to the Rio Grande Valley is strong.

Unlike the All Member Combined Port Isabel and South Padre Island Chambers of Commerce meeting on Oct. 2, the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce refused to allow a local group called “Save RGV from LNG” to present opposing views. No mention was made of municipalities, school districts and other civic groups passing resolutions opposing the LNG companies.

It would be ideal if you or one of The Rider’s journalists could present the other side of the story, beginning with publishing the URL for the website of at least one opposition group: http://rgvstoplng.wix.com/rgvstoplng. The state and local chapters of the Sierra Club could also provide alternate views on this topic. A little research into an issue to present all sides is good journalism.

Kristen Davis Kline
Brownsville resident

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