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Must-have phone apps for college students The Rider surveyed 50 UTRGV students from the Brownsville and Edinburg campuses



1. Blackboard
This app enables you to access and view your courses whenever you want regardless of your location. The advantage of this application is that it lets you view your grades, upcoming assignments, papers that need grading. It also gives you access to documents uploaded by the professor, such as calendars, syllabi and study guides.

2. Chegg
Access to study guides, instant homework help, textbook solutions and online tutors are only some of the services offered by the Chegg app. It also allows you to sell and rent books in hard copy and digital formats. As if that weren’t enough, the app also offers scholarships and internships for students.

3. Quizlet
With more than 40 million study sets, the Quizlet app offers user-generated flashcards that help users study. Many of the sets available in the app offer textbook solutions while others provide users with custom-made study guides for a wide range of topics. From chemistry to art, the Quizlet app is a complete database that contains a vast amount of information.

4. Gmail
Gmail is an email service that was developed by Google for the general public. The app enables students to have easier access to their email. Also, having a Gmail account is convenient because many websites let you sign up for their services using your Gmail account information.

5. Google Drive
Google Drive, another service by Google, offers cloud storage. Google gives you 15GB of free space that can be used to store files in the format of your choosing. Since everything is stored in the cloud, students have access to their documents if they have access to the internet.

6. Outlook
Developed by Microsoft, the app serves as a professional email account, and it also enables users to access other functionalities such as a built-in calendar to manage your time. Using the Outlook app students can access their UTRGV email accounts.

7. WhatsApp
This mobile application enables users to send messages through Wi-Fi or phone data free of charge. Students use it to connect with each other and share images, documents and form group chats.

8. Dropbox
Dropbox is popular among students because it allows them to store large-size documents for free. These documents can be accessed through any computer or phone that is connected to the internet. Files stored in the app can also be shared with other Dropbox users.

9. CliffsNotes
The database offered by this application offers a series of study guides written by real teachers and professors. Students may use this app to study and prepare for upcoming tests.

10. Mathway
From geometry to calculus, this app serves as a problem solver. The app not only gives you answers to difficult problems, but also offers step-by-step explanations on how to get the answer.

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