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My Gaming Regrets of 2015 We all make mistakes, here are some of mine

Nathaniel Mata

Buying Destiny (again)

At Destiny’s launch back in September 2014, I caved in and bought the game. I originally walked into the game store to buy a hockey game but I couldn’t resist the excitement over Bungie’s shooter. In a crunch for cash I traded Destiny in at one point, but that isn’t my regret.

After some convincing from friends, I bought the game yet again, but digitally. The only real silver lining was the fact that the game wasn’t full price. Not long after downloading the game did I realize that Destiny had changed a lot since I had been away from it. The downloadable content (DLC) system Destiny implemented had isolated those who did not purchase expansion packs. The exclusion was not just a few maps and levels that users missed out on. The game completely took away certain features of the game that used to be there. Multiplayer modes and playlists were reserved only for DLC, armor pieces and weapons were unattainable. The system did not just give extra to those who paid extra. It also alienated those who didn’t pay, forcing the gamer to either pay up or be left behind.

In my opinion, this business practice does not allow for casual fans to hop on the game and play with friends anymore. Bungie/Activision wants the dollars and this is a slimy way of getting them.



(source: Forbes.com)


Not playing Metal Gear Solid 5

Hideo Kojima released his final Metal Gear Solid game in September. Fans of his work will be the first to tell you that Kojima crafts each game with a great amount of care. Metal Gear Solid has been his labor of love since 1998. I had never played a Metal Gear game before, so hopping into the fifth installation of the series felt wrong to me. It was, however, so well received that I feel like I’m hugely missing out. That is unless I wanted to bust out some old consoles and play hours of the previous titles.

Not playing The Witcher 3



(via: Gamespot)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt enjoyed success the entire year. It went on to be recognized as not only the best game of the summer, but best game of year, according to several media outlets. The open world that CD Projekt RED created entertained users for hundreds of hours. I didn’t miss the excitement surrounding the game because it was pretty hard to miss. My issue was not giving the Role Playing Game the chance and some time. To this day it’s a title that I have on my list of games I really want to play. Luckily, the price will only go down and when I finally get a chance with The Witcher 3 it will be a treat.

With Wild Hunt beating out games like Fallout 4, Bloodborne and Metal Gear Solid V, I think giving it a chance is something I owe to myself.

Not downloading more Vita games

The Vita is an obscure handheld device, there’s no doubt about that much. However, it is a powerful device for a handheld and there are some solid indie games and smaller releases available on Vita. So when I bit the bullet and purchased a Vita, my game library only consisted of what I had previously added from free PlayStation games. The problem: I didn’t know I was going to buy a Vita for a while and I did not add most games to my library.

Games that have previously been on PS Plus for Vita include games like Limbo, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Mutant Mudds.

Not giving Sunset Overdrive its proper chance

One of the best exclusive games to the Xbox One was Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive. Since I’ve had a Playstation since its launch window, I did not have the opportunity to play it. That is until my younger brother got an Xbox One this past December. Since the game was first announced and then released I’ve wanted to get my hands on it. However, after buying the game I haven’t sat down and played for a few hours. I’m partially afraid the story will be on the short side. The other half of the issue is the console does not belong to me and I have to work around my sibling’s schedule.



(source: Insomniac Games)


Missing the Rocket League Beta

In the summer, I wrote a blog post about Rocket League, one of the great games of 2015. Back then, the game had just been released on PS4 and PC. Now just several months and $50 million later, Psyonix has a gem on their hands. Not to mention it’s getting released on Xbox One and Mac/Linux within the next few months.

I’ve been playing countless hours of Rocket League since the July release, so what’s the regret?

Not playing the open beta when it came to PS4. It sounds small but the competitive edge in the game may have helped. Rocket League’s gameplay is based on split-second decisions and, most of all, on experience. The longer you’re exposed to playing the game the better you get. I missed out a little, but the hours I’ve put in since then have more than compensated.

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