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Performing near you ‘Jordan Belfort’ artists Wes Walker and Dyl coming to Louie’s Backyard

Wes Walker and Dyl, whose viral hit “Jordan Belfort” was Spotify’s No. 1 college song in 2015, are coming to South Padre Island next month.

Jordan Belfort is a former stockbroker whose rise and fall was the subject of the award-winning movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” He is now an author and motivational speaker.

“It was kind of a play in the Jordan Belfort lifestyle. We thought that was kind of just a funny concept,” Dyl said by telephone last Thursday from New York City. “We thought it merged well with the college market. It was a good vibe for a song and something that was worth making a song about.”

The song was originally released on SoundCloud more than two years ago but was remastered over the summer in a music studio.

Walker, 20, and Dyl, 21, are from Philadelphia and met in sixth grade.Walker attended Temple University in Philadelphia while Dyl went to Tulane University in New Orleans. Both decided to drop out of college to pursue music careers.

“Me and Dyl used to run an entertainment company,” said Walker, a DJ, rap artist and entrepreneur. “We would do bar mitzvahs, weddings, proms, high school dances and stuff, and that really geared us for the entertainment world.”

Both artists never thought the song would become a hit.

“Jordan Belfort” has sold more than 250,000 singles, peaking at No.29 on the iTunes Pop chart, and received more than 33.3 million plays on SoundCloud and YouTube, according to an email from Nicole Massaro, who handles publicity for ADA, a Warner Music Group company.

“Thinking back on the overall picture of what happened, it seems like so much has happened so quickly,” Walker said. “I would say that we just saw it happening and slowly took the steps that we saw we needed to take, to take it to the next level.”

After the popularity of “Jordan Belfort,” they soon landed a deal with Atlantic Records, a major American record label based in New York City.

“Hopefully, we’ll continue touring,” Walker said. “We’ll be able to get our new music out there and start to really grow our following.”

The rap artists will perform March 9, 14 and 21 at Louie’s Backyard on South Padre Island. On March 15, they will be at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin.

“I think that South Padre Island is going to be really fun,” Dyl said. “We will be there to party with everyone, you know. We don’t come to our shows and just party by ourselves, we like to party with all of our fans.”

For more information about the artists, visit their websites, weswalker.dj and itslit.org.

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