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POLICE REPORTS The following are among the incidents reported to University Police between Feb. 25 and 29.

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February 25

9:52 a.m.: A student fainted outside the Computer Center on the Edinburg campus. After emergency medical services were called to the scene, he refused help and said he believed his condition was a result of stress and fatigue. The student passed out two more times in the Math General Classroom building and still refused emergency medical services and an offer of an escort to Student Health Services. His father was contacted and arrived at the scene to take him to a physician.

11:08 a.m.: A student reported an unknown male used profane and abusive language toward her after a dispute over a parking space in Lot K2 on the Edinburg campus. The suspect’s vehicle was identified and a review of video footage shows the incident was recorded. The student wishes to file criminal charges if the suspect is identified.

7:08 p.m.: University Police was dispatched to the Counseling Center in reference to a student who needed to be evaluated by Tropical Texas Behavioral Health for having suicidal ideations. She was then transported to the center where it was found that she needed to be hospitalized. She was then transported to the state hospital in Harlingen.

February 26

2:03 a.m.: University Police conducted a traffic stop in Lot C on the Edinburg campus, for a traffic violation. The driver and two passengers, all of whom were students, were found to have alcoholic beverages with them in the vehicle. The passengers were under 21 and had a detectable amount of alcohol on their breath. The driver, 22, admitted to buying the beverages and was arrested on a charge of furnishing alcohol to minors. The two passengers were issued citations for consumption of alcohol by a minor.

11:20 a.m.: A student reported she received three calls to her cell phone from a man speaking in Spanish, saying that her mother had been kidnapped and she needed to pay a ransom. The calls were from a phone number outside the United States. The student called her father, who said that her mother was with him. The mother and father came to the university and met with the officer. The student was advised to call University Police or the local police department if she receives any more calls from the suspect. The report noted there is an influx of virtual kidnapping calls being reported in the Rio Grande Valley.

February 28

4:15 a.m.: University Police saw a student on the ground in Lot C on the Edinburg campus. He was found to be disoriented and stated that he had been drinking at the Veranda Apartments and did not know how much he had drunk. He had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and was deemed to be a danger to himself and others. Emergency Medical Services took him to the Edinburg Regional Medical Center for further evaluation. The student was referred to the dean of students and criminal charges are pending.

February 29

11:13 a.m.: University Police were called to the University Library on the Brownsville campus, after a staff member found a bottle of liquor inside the first-floor men’s restroom. The bottle was empty. There is no indication as to who might have left it in the restroom.

3:25 p.m.: Two faculty members in the Mexican American Studies program reported that a student, who is a member of the group, believes they should not be teaching the program because of their race. The student has also made posts on Facebook that show his discontent with the professors teaching in the program. The professors also reported the situation to the dean of students.

5:47 p.m.: A staff member reported receiving an alarming telephone call that came from an unknown individual who claimed he was calling in regard to her children being kidnapped. The staff member said she heard the sound of a young child in the background saying, “Mommy, help me.” University Police determined the phone number was from out of the country. The staff member, who said she does not have any children fitting the age of the child heard on the phone, contacted her family and confirmed they were fine. She was advised to file a report with the Brownsville Police Department for precautionary purposes.

–Compiled by Andrea Torres

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