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POLICE REPORTS The following are among the incidents reported to University Police between March 2 and 7.

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March 2

2:31 p.m.: A Physical Plant staff member reported one of the department’s vehicles was taken to a mechanic shop for service because it was experiencing mechanical problems. He was told by the mechanic that there was a strange mixture of an unknown substance inside the vehicle’s gasoline tank. The repair cost $575. The case is under investigation.

8:50 p.m.: A student reported that someone had placed a Walmart bag with rotten fish bait in the bed of his truck. He did not have any idea who might have done it and does not have issues with anyone.

March 4

12:57 a.m.: University Police contacted two students, both women’s basketball players, at an apartment in The Village on the Edinburg campus. The apartment door was open and there was a bottle and box of wine in plain view. One of the players was of legal drinking age and the other was not. The minor was issued a citation for consumption of alcohol by a minor and both were referred to the dean of students.

12:43 p.m.: A student at the library appeared to be passing in and out of consciousness and displaying signs of intoxication as seen by a university officer. After searching the student, officers found usable amounts of synthetic marijuana in his possession. He was transported to the Edinburg Municipal Jail and booked on charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and failure to ID.

4 p.m.: University Police made contact with a student who reported that she applied for a job through the Career Services Connection at UTRGV where the job required her do personal errands and make payments on personal accounts
for her employer. She stated that her employer gave her a check and advised her to deposit it into her personal account and once it was deposited, her employer would tell her which payments to make. The student went to her bank and attempted to deposit it in her account but the cashier advised her it was a fake check. The case is under investigation.

March 5

7:31 a.m.: University Police responded when a 2-year-old child bumped his head on a table in the Fine Art Center on the Edinburg campus. The officer reported that there was no redness or swelling as a result of the child bumping his head.

March 7

8:12 a.m.: An employee of Jazzman’s Café in the University Library reported receiving two counterfeit $20 bills as payment from two students. The transactions raised the suspicion of the employee as they occurred within a short time frame. Jazzman’s Café did not accept the bills as payment. The students were identified, the bills were seized and they are pending submission to the local U.S. Secret Service office for verification.

–Compiled by Andrea Torres

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