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POLICE REPORTS The following are among the incidents reported to University Police between March 21 and April 3

police reports

March 21
10:39 a.m.: A staff member reported receiving harassing emails to her UTRGV email account. She said the emails appeared to have been sent by an unknown male requesting money from her. The case is under investigation.

March 29
10:56 a.m.: University Police responded to a call regarding a staff member who was possibly having a seizure in the soccer complex on the Edinburg campus. Emergency medical services staff determined his blood sugar level was low and transported him to the Doctors Hospital at Renaissance for further medical assistance.

March 30
8:34 a.m.: A UTRGV student reported a white Tahoe followed him on Expressway 77/83, striking his vehicle and damaging it during the pursuit. The chase ended at the Texas Southmost College music building parking lot, where one of the Tahoe’s occupants got out with a hammer and broke the victim’s car windows. Brownsville Police received the suspect’s description and vehicle information and are investigating the crime as an aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

6:50 p.m.: An alarm company contacted University Police to report a motion alarm activation in the Follet bookstore on the Brownsville campus. Officers found a woman inside the building after business hours. The woman said she found the front door open and went inside to make a purchase. She did not see anyone inside or a sign signifying the normal business hours. The manager of the bookstore was informed about the situation.

March 31
12:26 p.m.: An officer responded to a call about a man and woman who were exchanging clothing in the Main Building Courtyard as part of a performance. Several witnesses gave conflicting stories regarding the level of nudity witnessed by people in the area. The performers, who are not affiliated with the university, were invited to the campus by a student organization and the organizer of the event said the performers exchanged clothing but did not expose their genitalia. They were issued a warning for criminal trespass and were escorted off campus.

3:09 p.m.: A staff member reported that a former student made contact with her while she was at the Student Union. She said the man’s behavior was not acceptable and she no longer wanted any type of contact with him. He did not use any vulgar language nor did he make any type of threats toward her.

April 1
7:54 p.m.: A staff member reported that a faculty member contacted him while he was cleaning a restroom and used vulgar language toward him. The faculty member wanted him to leave a stack of paper towels on the counter and followed him to the restroom, yelling. The staff member was afraid the faculty member was going to strike him and did not want to file charges. The Office of the Provost was notified.

April 2
8:03 p.m.: An officer working the alcohol venue at the baseball stadium made contact with a female student who had purchased alcohol for another female student, who was a minor. During the investigation, the underage student gave the officer a wrong date of birth. Both students were arrested. One female student was charged with purchase/furnishing alcohol to a minor and the other was charged with failure to identify. Both were taken to Edinburg City Jail. A report was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

April 3
12:59 a.m.: A staff member reported a suspicious man had entered the baseball stadium and that he believes he might have entered through the gate. When he approached the male, the suspect left the area on a dark colored bike. After reporting the incident to University Police, an officer stopped and identified a man in parking Lot P. He appeared to be intoxicated but not a danger to himself or others and was released. After reviewing camera footage, it was revealed the subject entered the stadium fence by sliding under it, and was inside the fenced area for six minutes and then had an encounter with the staff member. The man is then seen leaving Lot N1, crossing Lot C and disappearing between the University Recreation Center and Student Health. The subject entering the stadium in the video in Lot N1 and the male identified later in Lot P appear to be wearing the same clothes. The staff member checked the area at the stadium and reported that baseball shoes had been thrown all over the grass outside the locker room. Nothing was reported to missing or damaged. The case is under investigation.

4:21 a.m.: An officer on foot patrol at the Village Apartments detected an odor of marijuana outside one of the apartments. He saw two males exit the apartment and quickly enter another nearby. When officers knocked on the first apartment they made contact with two males inside and asked for them to step out as well as those who went into the separate apartment. When K9 Odin was brought to sniff the area there was a general odor of marijuana in the apartment but he was unable to pinpoint to one area. All four men stated that some of their friends that smoke marijuana had just been there but that no one smoked in the apartment and that there were no narcotics in the apartment. No marijuana was found. A report was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

–Compiled by Andrea Torres

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