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Police Reports

Police Reports

The following are among the incidents reported to University Police between Sept. 21 and 24.


 Sept. 21

7:36 a.m.: A staff member reported shattering the window of an unattended vehicle while using a grass trimmer in Lot E26. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and arrangements were made by the university to repair the window. 

10:57 a.m.: A witness reported seeing a vehicle strike a parked unattended vehicle in Lot E32. The vehicle fled the scene and the case is under investigation.

3:51 p.m.: A student reported her bicycle stolen from the Village Apartments on the Edinburg campus. The bicycle was secured with a cable lock that had been cut. The case is under investigation.

7:42 p.m.: A student reported he had fractured his wrist while playing football on the intramural field on the Edinburg campus. The student was transported to a local hospital by emergency medical services for further evaluation. 

11:34 p.m.: Resident assistants at the Casa Bella student housing complex reported an odor of marijuana coming from one of the apartments. Officers met with UTRGV Residential Life, three visitors, two non-resident students and the four students of the room. The officer found one resident in possession of a marijuana smoking pipe and issued him a court citation for possession of drug paraphernalia. The officer also found an unidentified liquid substance in a vape pen. The student claimed the substance was liquid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The substance was submitted to the Texas DPS Crime Lab for further testing and any applicable charges are pending the identification of the liquid substance. The case is under investigation.

Sept. 22

5:06 p.m.: A staff member reported that her ex-husband keeps calling her office phone, attempting to contact her. He continues to leave her voice messages even though she has asked him to stop. The case is under investigation.

 6:58 p.m.: A student reported her vehicle’s windshield and passenger side window cracked after getting hit by rocks while a grounds employee was trimming grass in the area of Ringgold Road and Gorgas Drive on the Brownsville campus.

8:51 p.m.: A UTRGV alumnus reported he observed smoke coming out of a shrub area, between Main Building and the Lozano-Banco bridge on the Brownsville campus. On arrival, an officer observed smoke and a burnt electrical wire odor emitting from a shrub adjacent to an emergency phone. The source of the smoke was a small plastic electrical box. A Facilities technician arrived and shut off the power that supplies the box.

11:42 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to the Village Apartments parking lot in response to a report of students throwing eggs in Lot E36. Upon arrival, the students were found in the parking lot cleaning their vehicles. Both stated they were playing pranks on each other and had only hit each other’s vehicles. All other vehicles in the lot were checked for damages and none were found.

Sept. 24

10:56 p.m.: A student reported her BMX bicycle stolen from the bicycle rack outside the Liberal Arts North Building on the Edinburg campus. She reported leaving her bicycle unattended and secure on Sept. 22 and when she returned Sept. 24, she noticed it stolen. The case is under investigation.

–Compiled by Britney Valdez

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