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Ready to explore the world

"Biology sophomore Reysa Reyes (center) reacts after Luis Alberto Lopez (left), of the International Programs and Partnership Department,cools her off with a fan during the Study Abroad Fair, held last Wednesday in the Main courtyard on the Brownsville campus. Also shown arepsychology juniors Brisa Gonzalez and Abraham Abundez.ANA CAHUICHE/THE RIDER"

Nearly 300 students attended the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Study Abroad Fair, hosted by the Office of the Vice

President for Student Success last Tuesday in the Main Courtyard in Brownsville.

“Right now, we don’t have the options yet,” said Luis Alcocer-Medina, an international program specialist for the Office of

International Programs and Partnerships. “We’re in the process of consolidating and spreading the word. We have invited

faculty to propose ideas for trips to take students to study abroad.”

The Office of International Programs and Partnerships set up three information booths for students to learn about what it’s

like to study abroad.

“Right now, we are going to have different programs but until next semester we are going to have the specifications and

regulations for the new programs,” said Luis Lopez, a communication senior who works closely with the Office of International

Programs and Partnerships. “In December, there’s going to be a trip to [Turkey] and [Greece] with Dr. Sharaf Rehman and that

class is going to be photojournalism. They’re going to be there for two weeks and then you come back and then you get your full

three [hour] credits.”

Tracy Cardenas, a rehabilitation services senior, attended the event and said she would like to study abroad in the near future.

“I’ve been wanting to study abroad for a long time, just that I didn’t have the money for it,” Cardenas said. “So, right now, I’m

actually interested in discovering other countries, you know, because I’ve been in the Valley for like a long time, so I want to


Cardenas told The Rider she was looking for a program that offers courses in rehabilitation services but could not find any.

“I was asking [the International Studies Partnership representatives] if there was something related to it,” she said. “I’m still

searching. … I just signed up so I’ll see what they can offer me.”

Alcocer-Medina said students were interested in studying abroad and learning different cultures.

“They’re more interested, first, in experiencing other cultures and go and get credit for that,” he said. “The countries that are

enhancing the interests of going away are Spain, Ireland and I also have a lot of requests for France and South Korea.”

During his undergraduate studies in Mexico, Alcocer-Medina traveled to Florida for one semester but decided to stay for a

whole year.

“Studying abroad is one of the most amazing experiences I have done and I want everybody to experience it,” he said. “It’s

seems a little costly at times but it’s more like an investment and it’s going to change your life forever.”


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