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Sending a message Art department showcases work

“Make America Hate Again” by Alejandro Macias

Ena Capucion

The first faculty art exhibition of the semester will be open Tuesday and continue through March 10 at the Visual Arts Gallery on the Edinburg campus.

The exhibit will present about 20 pieces from the School of Art with various themes and uses of media.

One person featuring his work at the exhibit is UTRGV Lecturer Alejandro Macias. His painting of Donald Trump sends a political message. Macias figuratively uses a combination of line, color as well as shape for the piece, which is called “Make America Hate Again.”

Macias accentuates one of Trump’s more interesting features, which in this case is his mouth.

“Me being Hispanic, I completely disagree with a lot of the things he’s saying,” Macias said. “I think he’s actually just saying these absurd things just to kind of steer the spotlight from … the other [candidates]. At the same time, it’s kind of comical but a lot of people tend to take it seriously, and so that is what makes me afraid. … So many people take what he says so seriously. And because he has such a big spotlight, he tends to influence whether we like it or not.”

Other faculty to be featured in the exhibit are Susan Fitzsimmons, Alexander Comminos, Carlos De Souza, Marcus Farris, Donna Sweigart, Douglas Clark, Elizabeth McCormack-Whittemore, Erika Balogh, Donald Lyles, Lorenzo Pace, Elena Macias, Marilyn Carren, Paul Valadez, Philip Field, Reynaldo Santiago, Richard Phillips, Robert Axtell, Robert Bradley and Robert Gilbert.

Gallery hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Admission is free for Patron of the Arts members. General admission is $1 and student semester passes are $3. For more
information, call 665-2175.

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