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Shut the doors on refugees

I believe that the U.S. should turn away refugees. Andrea [Montemayor] is completely ignorant to this issue [“Professor: States can’t turn away refugees,” Nov. 30]. First off, you can’t properly vet these people. They can easily lie. Some of these Syrians could be terrorists, and some of these terrorists are extremely smart and they know exactly what they’re doing.

Second, who’s there to call to make sure they’re not terrorists? The Middle East is a complete train wreck. You can’t call any special place or city because no such place exists, and some people can easily forge their passports, which is what some of these terrorists did in the Paris attacks.

Think about it this way: Let’s just say, for example, the U.S. was your house.Would you let strangers into your house without knowing who they are? I wouldn’t. Look, I care about human life as much as the next guy, but this country cannot afford any more problems. We just have too many at this point.

I completely agree with most of the Republican governors on this issue.They’re spot on and I’m glad even some governors and congressional members who are Democrats agree on this issue. I understand that governors don’t have the power to turn away Syrian refugees, but as the White House becomes more and more isolated on this issue, President Obama will most likely lose his power to veto the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 (SAFE) bill.

This country has had a rich history of immigration. Yes, I get it, but hundreds of years ago the people that were coming in didn’t have or make bombs to terrorize innocent people. Things are much different now. The most important thing this country can provide to its people is safety and assurance that they’ll be safe.

If we ignore these issues, bad things are going to happen. We have to have good leadership and be strong, which our president is not. The worst thing he could’ve ever said was that ISIS was contained hours before the Paris attacks.I was there watching CNN during Obama’s interview and hours later, I was witnessing the horrible Paris attacks.

Zachary I. Saenz
Political science freshman

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