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Vaquero voice Message to Congress

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  “Well, I think, well, we should keep DACA, you know, the program, because it’s a really–it helps a lot in the economy. Every student, you know, with, like, going to school and all. Plus, we get new careers and new people and need more jobs and stuff like that. I don’t really know much about that topic, but it really does help the economy by kids going to college, buying books and stuff like that.”

Alejandra Guerra

                                                                              History freshman



“One of the things I would tell Congress would be in regards to DACA. I do believe that it’s not fair for those who were brought here without any regards of what they were doing, such as children, to … have taken away their rights in order [for them to stay] here. I believe that anyone that’s been on the DACA program should not be victimized or turned into targets just because of their status socially. They should all be able to attend school and be good American citizens. So, what makes this country so great is how diverse we are.”

Virginia Miller

Nursing sophomore



“Oh, man. Basically, for DACA, I would say, I mean these are students that are coming internationally. … They’re here to try and look for the American Dream, you know? … I think it’s wrong to limit people, to stop people from coming over. I think that the United States is a real diverse culture, it’s a real diverse country. We were founded on immigrants by immigrants, you know? … It’s our duty as well and as Americans, just as a country, to accept people, you know? Who are we to reject people from other cultures, from different races? What I would tell Congress is, like, I honestly think that it’s wrong. I think that we should let these people stay. They’re just regular people just like you and me, just trying to live our everyday lives [and] support our families.”

                                                                             Andre Torroco

                                                                             Marine biology junior


“Yo les diría que pelearan por el futuro del país y por el futuro de las personas. Este país fue hecho por inmigrantes y personas de diferentes culturas. Peleen por los fundamentos del país y no por las ideas de solamente una persona que sería el presidente. Que vean que no solamente están sacando a las malas personas del país con lo de DACA, sino son las personas importantes que atribuyen al país. Peleen por su gente, sus ciudadanos”.

Brenda Martinez

Estudiante de primer año de administración

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