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Vaquero Voice Trump vs. NFL

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“I think he didn’t have a really, a right to get mad, because he is like a stupid president in my opinion. … He goes about things in the wrong way. … He expects people to respect, you know what America is, what it stands for, like, he needs to do the same as well. You know, respect the public opinions and society’s opinions and their beliefs.”

Joahana Aranda

Criminal justice sophomore



“I think that’s fine. I feel, like, isn’t that kinda like symbolic speech? They have the freedom to do that, but I mean, like, it’s not like they’re doing it for fun. Y’know? They’re not trying to be disrespectful, like, they’re trying to make their statement and they want it to be heard. … I don’t think they should be fired. I think instead of taking it as ‘they should get fired,’ he should do something about it instead of giving them a reason to do it. “

Clarissa Holley

Biology freshman



“I see where Trump is coming from, but to go as far as firing them, I don’t think that would really do anything. I see why they’re kneeling, but if these people are making millions of dollars, I think they should go farther than just kneeling at a game. They should do more for their cause, y’know? They’re just going to take a kneel and that’s it? That’s, like, what they’re trying to do? They need to start more programs, more things to shed light on the cause they’re doing it for. … It makes me upset, too, when people, like, I guess, disrespect our country, but also they have a reason to be mad. But, they should do more than just kneel.

Joe Lopez

Biology junior



“I’m not against the players … but I’m not either with them. Either way, like, see you know kind of a tough situation … ’cause they are kind of not doing anything bad, but at the same time people see it as bad. … They are trying to make a stand, and I get that many people, a lot of people try to make a stand, but I mean what else can I say. It’s like a privilege, we have to try to do the right thing, and there’re going to be a lot of opinions, but what really matters is what you think, not what everyone else thinks, it’s what you think is right.”

Oscar Mendoza

Psychology sophomore

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