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Vaquero Voice Summer Classes

Iris Gonzalez Studio arts sophomore



“I personally really enjoy them because my professors are very talkative and are not very uptight. They are very friendly, make learning more fun because of their interactions with the students.”






Roberto Alvarez Computer science senior






“So, the thing with summer classes is that they are sometimes really fast. So, if you’re taking, I don’t know, like, math classes you have to pay a lot of attention because then you’re not going to do well. But if you do pay attention, then you’re going to do well. Maybe you’re going to get an A. I mean pretty much summer classes are for that, just get an A and get better with your GPA.”





Brianna Ramirez Nursing sophomore
Brianna Ramirez
Nursing sophomore




“Well, summer classes are pretty easy considering I’m only taking one and I do work full time as well, so, I mean, it makes it harder to keep up with my grades, but overall the class I’m taking is really good and the teacher helps me a lot and there’s lots of tutoring available here that I have taken advantage of to bring up my grade. And I have a midterm tomorrow, so trying to study really hard for that. Wish me luck.”


Ivan Gonzalez Psychology junior
Ivan Gonzalez
Psychology junior





“I mean, summer classes are fast paced. To be honest, I think that the classes that I am taking right now cover a lot of things in a short time. I think it’s great that the professors are doing this during their summer time. I mean they could be out there having fun during their vacations, but no they are here teaching us. The only problem with me would be getting a deal with the summer job and school. Beside that, I think it’s great.”

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