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When will we learn?


Rick R. Ramirez

At the end of every semester, I tell myself that I won’t let it get to this point: the point where I have minimum sleep, a pile of books that I haven’t read and nothing but old crumpled receipts in my wallet.

Who can relate? Well, let’s put it this way: you know who you are.

I’m supposed to graduate this May with a bachelor’s degree, yet I have much to learn. Why can’t we just learn the first time around? Instead, we insist on cramming information the night before an exam, pumping our bodies with enough Red Bull to power a small truck.

I start each semester relatively positive and hopeful that my procrastination will not get the best of me. I tend to fall off-track after midterms. I start wearing wrinkled clothes, forgetting my notes and showing up to class dazed and confused.

I wish I had a fire extinguisher to put out the hot mess of a student that I have become.

But why do we let it get to this point? You know which point I’m talking about: the all-I-own-is-yoga-pants-and-oversized-T-shirt point.

Could it be, that just maybe, we like the rush? Maybe we crave the semi-controlled chaos. Some may argue that it has a lot to do with our egotistical self-righteous generation. I’ll put it even more bluntly; maybe we just like the drama.

I think that we get bored with the routine and it feels nice to have a change of pace. We go about seven weeks attending class on time, keeping up with required readings and we may even have study groups on the weekends. Then what happens? We get bored.

So we start slacking off, secretly knowing that we are slowly creating a massive wave of drama that is sure to hit right before it’s time to take our finals.

We have less than three weeks of school left, so I urge you, break the cycle. Climb that ladder and make yourself famous. Make this your last lazy semester.

I’ve purchased my Scantrons, opened up my books and procrastinated for the last time. On May 13, I will walk the grandest stage in Brownsville, and leave my lazy days behind me.

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